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Bitaxe KickStand - Free for y'all.

Updated: Jan 25

Over the last decade or so, there have been various iterations of aesthetic design where mining hardware is concerned. GPU rigs adorned with LED lighting, colourful USB sticks, the brushed black aluminium from the Butterfly Labs era to the current iteration of soulless extruded raw aluminium that seems to be everywhere. With the small home mining ecosystem emerging from the shadows (and primed to hit the huge centralised commercial mining farms hard), I can't help but think about the necessary design aesthetics of said devices, especially when they are designed for the home user. I know if I am going to convince my mum to have a Bitaxe / GekkoScience Smart Hub / Mars Lander / etc on her bookshelf in the living room, It needs to look great. That said, I wanted a good-looking stand for my Bitaxe(s) so I woke up stupidly early this morning and got straight to work. I was laying in bed at 0600 thinking about CAD design work. Perhaps the jetlag has got to me after all....! Anyway... I knew it needed to look slick, be easy (and cheap) to make and more importantly, be something anyone can make at home, for their home. I present the "Slim Stand" for the Bitaxe. It's a 3D printable stand which prints in about an hour or so, needs 4 x M3 self tapping screws and that's it. The files are available on my site free of charge direct from here: You are welcome to download, remix, tear apart, improve, whatever. I have made this for anyone and everyone that wants it.

I hope it's of some use to you. Cheers!

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