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Utilising the BM1366 Bitmain chip, this standalone miner packs a punch! Sitting  up to 550gh/s,  the Bitaxe Ultra is designed to be incredibly power efficient and easy to use.


Intergrated ESP32 Controller hosting a local web page for config and information as well as in built wireless networking means no external computer is necessary. 


This open-source powerhouse gives you the freedom to innovate and adapt, making it a game-changer in the Bitcoin mining arena. Ideal for DIY enthusiasts, budget-conscious miners, and mining newcomers. With its stellar hash rate of up to 550 GH/s, remarkable efficiency of 20 J/TH, and low power consumption, the Bitaxe Ultra is engineered for immediate, high-performance mining.


5v 4a PSU included.

3d printed stand and halo colour designed by you. 

Check out the Bitaxe Customs: "Make It Your Own" design tool. 


The BitHalo is a newly designed and manufactured product by us at TheSoloMiningCo. It is a bespoke light board with side emitting LED's that react to processes during the mining operation.


Upon loading, you are presented with a rotating purple lighting effect. Once all systems are initialised, the orange pulse feature is loaded.


If you mine a block, you will know about it...!

When mining, every time a share is submitted, you are presented with an orange "pulse" of light that flashes on and fades out, emitting from the side diffuser on all edges of the BitHalo. This is a great visual representation of the mining process in action and looks great on any desk.

There is also a switch on the rear to turn the lighting off if one wishes.


The BitHalo V1 has been designed to work on 201-205 series of Bitaxes


This product listing includes a Bitaxe Ultra 205, an international power supply, a "KickStand" (colour of your choice) and of course, the BitHalo.

Code to reprogramme and everything else related to the BitHalo can be found here:



Bitaxe Ultra 205 & BitHalo (Hardwired Installation)

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