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Designed and manufactured specifically for the GekkoScience range of USB Mining sticks,  (2Pac, New Pac, Compac F), the IcePac has been optimally designed for the most efficient cooling possible. 


The IcePac slips over the aluminium heatsink and the PCB with zero contact with any components. There are no cable ties, screws or adhesives used, just good ol' design and a good fit! There are intergral stoppers to stop the thing IcePac down any further than it should do.


The GekkoScience USB Power Tap allows the IcePac and Compac F to use a single USB port. The GekkoScience Power Tap has been designed with 3mm PCB traces to accomodate non compromised power delivery. 


The IcePac has been effeciency optimised in CAD with fluid dynamics simulating turbulent air flow - thus meaning the fan has a 15 degree camber, encouraging the air out more efficiently which means less stress on the fan and more efficient cooling. This can be seen by the tilt on the fan on the pictures/renders.


The IcePac has been 3d printed using carbon fibre filament for long lasting durability. It comes with a top brand 40mm fan with an estimated life of 60,000 hours as per the manufacturer's data sheet. Obvioulsy the fan must be kept clean from dust and obstruction. 


The IcePac's runs at 20.6dBA and pulls 0.07a at 5v on its own.


The CompacF is NOT included. This is for the IcePac Fan & USB Splitter only!


IcePac Cooling Jacket + GekkoScience USB Power Tap

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