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GekkoScience R909 Terminus Pod Miner - Up to 1.8 - 2.4 Th/s Mining Speed.

Includes power supply and USB Cable.


Requires a computer, laptop, Raspberry Pi or a GekkoScience SmartHub to run.

Installation instructions and CGMiner precompiled for Windows can be found here.


Experience enhanced mining efficiency with the GekkoScience R909 Terminus Pod Miner. Modeled with the same square shape as the R606, this miner is perfectly designed for convenient side-by-side or stacked placement. Its unique airflow system channels air from the back to the front, employing an 80mm fan. The USB and power ports are cleverly situated at the exhaust end for easy access.

The R909 represents an evolution in GekkoScience's mining technology, crafted to supersede all previous GekkoScience models. It boasts an advanced main regulator and superior thermal management. The heatsink area has been expanded by 40% compared to the R606, ensuring better heat dissipation. Additionally, the miner features reinforced board mounting, enhancing its stability and resilience during transport.


At the heart of the R909 are 6 x S17’s BM1397 ASIC chips, the same powerhouse found in the Compac-F USB stick miner. This configuration delivers sixfold the power of a single Compac-F USB Miner without the need for a powered USB hub.


Seamlessly integrate the R909 with your existing GekkoScience mining hardware. It is fully compatible with GekkoScience's current product range, including the R606 and Compac-F, and can be operated concurrently on the same CGMiner platform.


Use a handful of these with the GekkoScience SmartHub and you have an incredible solo mining setup that wouldn't look out of place on any enthusiasts' desk!

Buying 2 or more R909's? Get a APW3+ PSU at a 50% Off. The APW3+ allows you to power 9 x R909 Pod Miners + 1 x GekkoScience Smarthub, from the same power supply. 

Link here:

GekkoScience R909 Terminus "Pod Miner" 1.8 - 2.4TH/s

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  • Runs on Windows, Mac & Linux.

    Installation guide and Windows executable of "CGMiner" available here.