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The new GekkoScience "SmartHub" with loads of stuff plugged in...! It's a nice home office setup!

It's all good and well just selling this stuff. It's important to play with it too....! I say 'play' - I designed the OLED screen and web UI front ends and have been 'playing' with the Smarthub from Sidehack @GekkoScience for the last 4 months. Casting that aside, we now have a finished product on the market and I want one set up in my home office, almost like a trophy for creating something cool! Naturally, one should not do things by halves. Here I have 6 x GekkoScience R909 Pod miners and 3 x Compac F's. All of the GekkoScience gear is running from a single Bitmain APW3+ Power supply, all fed via the PSU's 6 pi PCI connectors. It's all running really well, about 3 foot from my head and not offensive or loud whatsoever. Not bad for 13.5 TH/s of mining speed, in the home! Go Smarthub, GO! (Let's not forget to credit the little weapon within that is the Raspberry Pi 2 Zero 2 that is running all this lot via CGMiner!)


Check this video out for a look at the OLED screen and the buttons on the GekkoScience Smarthub.

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